Earn money back on your food shopping with Shopmium

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Did you know that it is possible to receive cash back on your in-store grocery shop? There are shopping apps that will reimburse you in full when you buy selected groceries. Best of all these shopping apps are completely free to use! Shopmium is one such shopping app and it is a fantastic way for you to earn some extra cash just for completing your food shopping. I have personally written about ways to earn money on your food shopping before. I have written about CheckOutSmart before.

Shopping apps are a way to earn yourself a little extra cash back. Basically, there will be special offers, such as receive a free bar of chocolate. You will visit the supermarket, buy the product in question and then upload a photograph of your receipt. You will then receive remuneration for your purchase and you can cashout this money to your Paypal account. Usually, there are at least 5 or 10 offers on each of these apps per week.

How to download Shopmium

Shopmium is an application for your mobile phone. You can download it from the iOS or Android. The application is free to download and takes just seconds to register with. Once downloaded if you use my personal referral code, KMHMUEAV, you can get an item completely free right away. I will receive £3 once your membership is validated and you’ve had your first freebie too. This is a fantastic referral bonus so once you have installed this app be sure to invite your friends and family to join up.

*Be sure to join up via the app, not via the website to claim this offer.

How to use Shopmium

When in-store open up the app. You will be able to see the supermarket you’re in on the list of available stores, click this and then you’ll see all available offers. There may be free items and there may be discounted items too. Be sure to check the small print of each offer. Sometimes you can redeem multiple offers, and increase your discount. Other times you can buy an item and be reimbursed in full. There are two buttons on each offer page. One allows you to check the item you’re going to purchase is the right one (by scanning the barcode) and the other allows you to request your reimbursement. To do this you need to purchase the item and keep your till receipt. You’ll be asked to scan the item again, to confirm you’ve bought the right one, and then upload a photo of your till receipt. It allows you to take multiple photographs, to ensure that all of the data is captured, and then your request is submitted. Within 1-2 days you’ll receive your reimbursement to your Paypal account.

My opinion on Shopmium

I’ve found it great so far. There are usually free items every week, if not more frequent. This is a great way for me to try something new, or even get another item to donate to the food bank. The discounted items are great too and I love that when you buy a larger quantity you get a bigger discount. For example, there were Naked cereal bars on there recently, which are ideal for my daughter who has FPIES. These were 50% off when you bought 3 or more. You could buy 3 lots of 3, which I did, and save a huge amount of money. As these items are rarely discounted it was a great offer for us and allowed us to stock up.

I’ve had around £100 of reimbursements now and whenever I refer a member the £3 that I earn sits there. This goes towards discounted food items and actually makes them free. For example if an item is £2, and there is a £1 reimbursement it gives another £1 reimbursement from the referral credit, making the item free. If you’re someone who can refer a lot of family and friends then you could have free items over and over, while helping others to do the same. Win, win!

I’ve never had a cashback request declined, but I always keep the receipt until I receive the cash just to be on the safe side.

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