7 simple tips to cut back on heating costs

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When it comes to heating I am a firm believer that if you are cold then you should just put the heating on. I have never been a person to try and cut back on heating costs, until this year at least.

I managed to negotiate lower energy prices this year and save £137! I’ve been able to lock into a tariff which has seen my direct debit drop considerably. Obviously I’ve been very happy with my savings but I decided that now I work at home full-time that I would look at small things I could do to cut back on heating costs.

Cut back on your heating costs

Most of the small ways I have been able to cut back on heating costs have just come about as part of a routine. Here are some of my 7 simple tips to cut back on heating costs:

Hot Drinks

Like a lot of people in England I like to start my day with a nice cup of tea. When I am just having a cup of tea I boil the lowest amount of water required, to cut back on the time spent boiling the kettle. Depending on my husband’s work schedule I sometimes make him a nice thermos of coffee up at the same time for his journey to work. Later in the evening I like to have a hot chocolate as a treat and often I get a *hot water bottle ready for bed. I love to use my Tassimo and I’ve wrote a post on how to save money on Tassimo coffees.

Hot Water Bottle

If I am under the weather when I boil the kettle for my hot drink I will fill it to the brim and make myself a nice *hot water bottle too. When my muscles ache from exercise, or being unwell, then a hot water bottle is perfect to help ease my aching muscles and get me ready for the day ahead. If I am cold at night then I will take one to bed with me too.


Around an hour after waking up I will exercise. Most of my exercise takes place at home. It is cold outside and this way I am able to workout at any time of the day or night. Exercise helps to warm me up and also gets my muscles and joints juiced and ready for the day ahead.


During film evenings or if I am just feeling sorry for myself I will sit under either a duvet or slanket. A *slanket is a blanket that has sleeves built in. This is ideal for working in too.

Hot Shower/Bath

I always shower after I exercise. Sometimes a nice shower at other times of the day can help to wake me up. It also gets me mentally prepared for any tasks ahead or just warms me up. A bath at night can work as a relaxant and also help me warm up before bed.

Layered Clothing

My ‘work at home’ uniform tends to consist of PJs, sports bras and workout wear. I like this, as it means I’m ready for working out or lounging around as the mood takes me. I’m at home alone most of the time when working so this works fine for me. Wearing small light layers keeps me nice and warm and means I can strip down a little to exercise.

Slipper Socks

I bought my *slipper socks in Primark, for just £1 (down from £4) in a recent sale. They are Winter themed but that doesn’t bother me as they look cute and keep my feet warm.

Although I’ve shared these tips with you they are just things that I have noticed naturally in my routine. If I am cold I often just put the heating on to warm up. I feel that life is too short to be sitting around freezing. However that doesn’t stop me trying a few things before I resort to turning up the thermostat.

I live in a cosy new build home and it has a super high energy efficiency rating. This means that the heating only goes on sporadically during even the coldest months. There are a good 9-10 months of the year where it isn’t used at all. Obviously this helps us cut back on heating costs and is a Godsend – until Summer when we are roasting!

If you want to have the heating running more this year, without worrying about money, make sure you check you’re on the lowest energy tariff. You can do this by using an energy price comparison tool. Also, why not consider making some extra money online to take the burden off a little!

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 7 tips to cut back on heating costs. Save money by avoiding the heating going on or turning up your thermostat

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