Slow cooker beef chilli

Slow cooker beef chilli is a real Winter warming dish and it is very straight forward to prepare. I am a huge fan of using my slow cooker, especially during Winter.

Ingredients for slow cooker beef chilli

Beef mince (I used steak mince from Musclefood)

Lentils – a handful



Kidney beans

A tin of tomatoes, a tub of cherry tomatoes or a pot of passata

1 tablespoon of chilli powder

1/2 tablespoon of smoked paprika

2 teaspoons of oregano

2 teaspoons of cumin

A square of dark chocolate – I used 85% green & blacks as I already had this in

Garlic puree

A frozen chilli cube – Made from allotment leftovers

You’ll also want a slow cooker too, obviously. This is my slow cooker of choice and it is fantastic. When the dinner has finished cooking I can turn it to keep warm. This is ideal for any meals where you may want to return back for seconds. Since having the keep warm function I have found that I serve up smaller portions. This has helped with portion control, as we know we can go back for more. We usually don’t and then the leftovers can be kept and enjoyed for lunch the following day.

Method for slow cooker beef chilli

You can start by browning off the onions and mince, if you choose. I don’t bother personally. The end result is still delicious. The slow cooker ensures that things are cooked thoroughly and safely.

I personally let this cook for around 8 hours on low. You could cook this in 4 hours on high or leave it even longer on low if you are going to be busy.

Serving suggestion for slow cooker beef chilli

This is quite a versatile dish. You could serve it with tortillas (find my recipe here).  You could turn the tortillas into tortilla chips. You could also serve on top of a baked potato, with a salad, as a pizza topping or with rice. Leftovers can be frozen, as they have now been cooked. Leftovers are quick to defrost in the microwave.

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You can also read my meal planning with mince post for more inspiration on what to do with leftover mince.

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