Slow cooker roast chicken

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Recently my husband has been suffering from the flu and this is his first illness in years that has seen him take sick leave from work. I have been trying to make lots of homely meals and keep him fed and watered. Yesterday I decided to make this slow cooker roast chicken.

Delicious slow cooker roast chicken


Whole chicken (Mine was 1.45kg) Ensure that yours will fit into your slow cooker!



Garlic cloves

Herbs (Sage, Thyme, Salt, Pepper, Paprika)

Lemon juice

Slow cooker roast chicken

First let me start by saying that while this is a time consuming meal this slow cooker roast chicken is super quick and simple to prepare.

I started by peeling and quartering the onions. Then I peeled and chopped the carrots. I went for halves with the thinner carrots and quarters on the larger ones. I then added 3 cloves of sliced garlic into the bottom of the slow cooker pot.

I then mixed together the herbs, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and pepper and 1 teaspoon of sage, thyme and paprika. I added a few dashes of lemon juice, sorry I did this by eye, to make a nice rub. I rubbed this mixture into the skin of the chicken ensuring that I covered as much as possible.

Once the chicken was prepared I placed it on top of the prepared vegetables and put the slow cooker on low.

There is no need to add any liquid of any sort to the slow cooker pot as the chicken cooks in its own juices and creates a wonderful broth too.

I cooked the chicken on low from 6am – 6pm but it would have been ready from around 12-2pm. The average time for cooking on low should be around 6 hours, slightly more for a larger bird. Just insert a skewer into one of the deepest parts of the chicken to check that the juices run clear.

The vegetables, and the chicken, are moist, soft and delicious. The chicken is best removed using two spatulas, or similar utensils, as it is very breakable due to the long cooking time.

I find it very simple to cut this chicken into portions as the wings and legs slice off in seconds, with no problems at all. The chicken is full of moisture and when slicing the breast there is lots of moisture within the meat, despite the 12 hours that I have cooked it for.

The skin is surprisingly crisp, without being dry, but can be crisped under the grill for 2-3 minutes if desired.

This chicken is super simple, and best of all it is delicious. Last night my husband wasn’t feeling up to a full dinner so we ate the chicken and vegetables with some rolls. It is equally delicious as part of a roast dinner and best of all it leaves the oven free for other homemade trimmings.

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Slow cooker roast chicken