How to create a smarter home for 2018 with key free locks

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I have spoke about my love for technology around the home a few times before. I own lots of gadgets at home that are designed to make life easier, run smoother or just be more enjoyable. These days there is a plethora of technology that is designed to make life easier, but doesn’t always do so. I’m not sure about you but keys are a bit of a pain for me sometimes. As a parent to an 18 month old I often use my keys as a welcome distraction for my daughter. This means that on occasion I get home, and lug the pram up 48 stairs to our front door, only to find that my keys have been left in a shop, or on the journey home. This isn’t ideal but I think this is just one of the reasons that we would have really appreciated the chance to have a key free door in the past.

Key free locks

Key free locks are something that I am hearing about frequently now. For a number of reasons. First of all there is the lost key aspect. No longer will you have to worry about losing your keys if you have key free locks. Yale key free locks have a flexible design and whether you have existing security technology at home, or not, they can be fit in to your existing uPVC or composite door panel. Also, in my case, with key free doors, no longer would I have to worry about getting a locksmith because once again my Mum has lost her door keys.

Secondly there is the security aspect. If you want to have a visitor in your home, say to feed your pets while you are away, you can issue them with a pin code that has a 24 hour refresh option. This is great for a cleaner, babysitter, or other service provider. They can visit your home and then the pin will refresh and they will no longer have access to your home.

Lastly there is the convenience. Unlike a conventional door lock key free locks can be opened using a smart phone, a code via a keypad or using a remote fob. You can choose the configuration that best suits your family life.

If you’re already a fan of Yale products then you can have the Yale key free lock installed and up and running with your existing system instantly. Once it is installed you simply choose how you want your entrance door to open and you’re good to go.

I think that home security is so important. We all work so hard to keep our homes nice, and have nice possessions. By installing a key free lock you will no longer have to worry about the danger of lost keys. Also, if you want to allow other people to let themselves in to your home then you won’t have to waste time and money on getting multiple keys cut.

I’m a real fan of technology that can make life more convenient and I think key free locks are a great idea! If you want to make your home smarter in 2018 then key free locks are just one of the ways to do so!

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