Spare 5 update

I first wrote about Spare 5 back in December 2014 (you can read the post here). I made $70 for around 4 hours of work which was fantastic of course.

Since that post I have dipped in and out of using the Spare 5 app due to a lack of work each time I was checking. Recently I have noticed that more and more tasks have been available and thus I have been remembering to check the application at least daily, if not more.

There was a Spare 5 update to the application and since then I have had an almost unlimited supply of tasks to complete.

I have only seen one task so far, an image categorisation one, but I have seen several different varieties of this. The varieties have paid 2 cents and 3 cents per page, now this may not sound tempting but I have been able to earn 30 cents per minute on the 2 cent tasks and 45 cents per minute on the 3 cent tasks. This adds up to $18-$27 per hour and over the weekend I have been able to cram in several hours worth of tasking, mostly while cooking dinner, doing other chores and even while working out.

In the last week I have actually made over $200 now and have been able to access the tasks anytime I wanted to, day or night. This may just be a particularly large project they have running at the moment but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Particularly as earnings right up until Friday morning, over $1, are paid on Friday afternoon.

In order to gain access to tasks there are qualification tasks. Once you complete a qualification task you will be granted instant access if you pass the necessary quota*. The qualification tasks that I have taken part in so far have been a mockup of the actual paid tasks, only unpaid. There have only been two qualification tasks to complete so far, so it isn’t like they are getting you to complete tasks for free.

Personally I have been finding the tasks enjoyable and it is nice to be able to dip in and out of the application when I have a spare 5 moments (pun intended).

You can join Spare 5 by clicking here. The Spare 5 update has been fantastic for me

*At present there is a message sent after you complete the qualification section of a task advising that you will be notified. I have had it confirmed on Twitter that Spare 5 are ‘radically improving how they give post-qualifier feedback in future task sets’.

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