Spruce up your office with these great tips (AD)

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AD. Spring is upon us and that means it is time for a freshen up. A nice spring clean might be all that you need to spruce up your office. However, there are a number of other changes that you can make to spruce up your office. You can look at making some bigger changes which will give you a nice working environment. Being able to have a calm, relaxing environment to work in is great for production. Also, your employees will be happier too.

Spruce up your office – Give your flooring a refresh

One of the first things that customers and staff will notice in your office is the floors. Whether you need safety floors, vinyl tiles or carpets you should look at commercial flooring contractors. They will work around your timeframe and minimise disruption in the workplace. If going for a carpet make sure it is hard wearing if you have lots of visitors.

Spruce up your office – Set the vibe with window blinds

Beautiful window blinds are a great way to make your office space more welcoming. You can keep out the low Winter sun, or even choose a style that allows for a little natural light, such as wooden venetian blinds. These are my absolute favourite and would be my first choice if I was making a new office space to work from.

Spruce up your office – Choose a calming colour theme

Giving your office a lick of paint might be all the sprucing up it needs. If you are going to look for quality hard wearing paints then check out this range of commercial paints from Johnstones. Studies have shown that employees typically like working in rooms with a green or green-blue colour scheme. This is also quite a calming colour so it is worth testing out a swatch or two. People associate green with nature too which works well if you have to be confined to a space all day. At least you can daydream about what there is waiting for you outside at the end of the day. 

Spruce up your office – Change up your desks

Having a nice desk is just one of the things that you can do boost productivity. New desks will spruce up your office nicely. They will make the area look clean and crisp. Best of all you can stick with light colours to give the appearance of openness and space. Lions Home have a beautiful range of desks and I could spend hours choosing one!

New desks are a fantastic way to boost morale. Giving employees their own space can make them feel cared for. It also tasks each person with clearing away their own mess at the end of the day. Giving people responsibility for their own space can lead to a more harmonious working environment. Everybody wants that don’t they! 

My Needlite review - A look at my desk before setting up the Needlite

These are just a few of the ways that you can spruce up your office. If you have employees working with you, rather than just customers visiting, then perhaps have a team meeting. See what environmental improvements people would like to see. Bring in a few plants. Hire a cleaner. Take on board what your employees have to say. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. A productive workforce will generate more income for a business too. Make sure that your office front looks presentable too. Have clean pavements and windows. Make sure you have a nice sign that advertises your business to the best of your ability.

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