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Starting our potty training journey with the Summer Infant My Size Potty (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Daisy turned 2 back in March 2018. For a while we weren’t worried about potty training, as Daisy didn’t seem ready, however, she is beginning to show the normal signs of being ready for potty training. We’re not going to be running in and forcing Daisy before she is ready, but we are wanting to support her in getting used to what potty training entails. Summer Infant has sent us the My Size Potty, to help Daisy on her potty training journey, and here are our thoughts on it.

As you can see the My Size Potty has the look and feel of a full-size toilet. This is fantastic, as it gets Daisy used to the toilet before she is able to use it herself. I feel comfortable with teaching Daisy what the toilet is, rather than her just having a small potty. I realise that this isn’t so portable, but we are home a lot anyway! Also, when she starts potty training at Nursery I believe they have small toilets too, so this is a great way to help with that transition.

The My Size Potty features a toilet handle, with a flushing sound, and there is a built-in wipe dispenser in the lid. This is great as it will encourage Daisy to learn about cleanliness. We’ve already got her washing her hands and brushing her teeth, of her own free will, and I want her to learn about the importance of cleanliness from a young age.

The lid on the My Size Potty flips up and there is a removable bowl, that is simple to clean. Also, there is a clip on splash guard if you are helping to potty train a boy.

The My Size Potty is working really well for us. It is just like a real toilet, only smaller, and Daisy feels comfortable sitting on it. I am able to help Daisy on and off, or she can leave the toilet of her own free will too. It is great for Daisy to be able to use pull-ups, and visit the My Size Potty when she wants to. I’m really pleased with the quality, the wipe dispenser, the realistic flushing sound and how much Daisy has taken to using it. This feels like the first step in the potty training journey and so far so good!

At the moment we are allowing Daisy to go on her own free will with regards to potty training. Already, since getting the My Size Potty, Daisy has been talking more about needing the toilet, and she has used it a few times. I am really pleased that Daisy is becoming more aware of potty training, her own bodies cues and beginning her journey towards leaving nappies. So far it is going well, we’re not rushing and we’re just following Daisy and letting her take things at her own pace.

You can buy the My Size Potty from the Summer Infant website.

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Thursday 28th of June 2018

So convenient isn't it!


Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Katy I love your product reviews as they are so detailed and you explain how the product is used and how it fits in with your lifestyle! Even tho I don't have a little one to potty train I still enjoyed reading about this - I'll tell my friends to have a look!


Thursday 28th of June 2018

Thanks so much Mandy, that is lovely of you to say!

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