Having fun with the Stickle Bricks collection (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the feature items in exchange for coverage. Daisy is really blessed to have lots of fantastic toys to play with. These are, quite frankly, a Godsend on the days when I am suffering from chronic pain. Sometimes Daisy and I are at home, all day, and having lots of toys allows us to switch things up throughout the day. Sometimes daisy will play alone, other times we will have a toy picnic or a tea party. Now Daisy is reaching an age where she is loving playing with toys that allow her to create and build. We’ve been gifted some toys from the Stickle Bricks collection to play with and I want to share with you just how fun they are!

Having fun with the Stickle Bricks collection

Stickle Bricks were first launched in 1969 and have been a firm toybox favourite ever since! If you have a toddler or are buying a gift for a toddler, then Stickle Bricks are the ideal construction toy. Daisy absolutely loves toys where she can build, stack and create things using her imagination. At the moment she hasn’t got much skill, being honest, but it’s great fun to see what she creates. When you’re 2.5 you can make anything be what you want it to be in your mind. This is what I love about construction toys, and I must admit I love playing with them too! These are second only to colouring books as an adult!

Having fun with the Stickle Bricks collection - Little Builder

The first item that we have been playing with is the Stickle Bricks Little Builder. This has an RRP of £9.99 and it looks like a really substantial gift when in the packaging. This is a great way to start off a collection of Stickle Bricks and the bright pieces are ideal for creating just about anything that your little one can imagine.

A Stickle Bricks creation

Stickle Bricks

Next up we have the Stickle Bricks Fire Engine. This has an RRP of £16.99 and is my favourite of the sets. I love how bright this is, and it is clear right away that this is a fire engine. I love how this set is ideal for little hands. The fire engine is SO simple to slot together and you don’t have to line it up perfectly. Daisy can use the Stickle Bricks, and won’t get frustrated by the pieces not slotting together.

Having fun with the Stickle Bricks collection - Stickle Bricks Fire Engine

Having fun with the Stickle Bricks collection - Stickle Bricks Fun Tub

The last item we have received is the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub. This has an RRP of £19.99. If you’re looking to get your little one started with Stickle Bricks then this is where to begin! This tub has so many pieces in it that you can make a wide variety of things. There are people, wheels, a big base and much more. This means there are literally 100s of different things that we can create together.

Initially, when we received our Stickle Bricks I wasn’t sure just how much fun these were going to be. As I unboxed them my husband Thomas was thrilled to see what Stickle Bricks were! Right away, even before we showed Daisy, we had a little play with them and it was so much fun!

When Daisy saw the Stickle Bricks for the first time I’d already built some little bits and pieces for her, including a small tower. Daisy LOVES towers and she was interested right away! Within just a few minutes she had worked out how to dismantle everything and put it back together again. I was really impressed with how quickly Daisy picked up using the Stickle Bricks.

There is literally hours of fun to be had with Stickle Bricks. It is possible to put the pieces together in a variety of fun combinations. For example, you can make a car, a tower, a rocket, a man, an animal, a house and much, much more. I love that the possibilities are almost endless and we’ve already had hours of playtime out of our Stickle Bricks.

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