Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor review (AD)

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We were gifted this product in exchange for coverage. Since Daisy came in to our lives in 2016 it is fair to say my anxiety has increased just a little. Having a new baby, and one who is unwell, can be scary at times. Since Daisy was born we have been using a movement monitor, however, not being able to see her has not been the best. We have gone in to our room, where Daisy sleeps, many times, and instantly regretted it. Often a small cough, heard over our previous baby monitor, would be enough to make us wonder if Daisy was being sick. We would get up, head in, then wake her up properly. Oops. Anyway, recently we received the fantastic Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor and I want to tell you about it today.

Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor - A look at the front of the box

What is so good about the Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor?

Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor - A look at the video monitor

The Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor has wide view lens technology which means that you can see 3 times more of a baby’s room/sleeping area. This is fantastic for us as I wanted to be able to see ALL of Daisy’s cot. Daisy loves to move around a lot and I wanted the reassurance that I could see her at all times.

Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor - Flat screen monitor

This video monitor comes with a flat-screen monitor that has automatic night vision. As soon as the room is dark this activates and you can still see the room.

There is a two-way talkback feature.

In addition to the above this video monitor comes with a night light, the flat-screen monitor displays the temperature of the baby’s room, signal strength, the amount of video monitors you have and the battery percentage. The battery is a rechargeable one and the flat-screen turns off when in use to conserve battery power.

What do we think of the Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor?

We absolutely love it!

Firstly, when this arrives it takes literally seconds to set up. Plug in the video monitor and plug in the charger for the flat-screen. Then you are good to go. The units are already paired and worked together perfectly. This is just what you need when it is almost bedtime and you are rushing! 

There are no features of this video monitor that I do not like. I love all of them but these are my favourite:

Being able to see Daisy at all times. No more wasted trips in there when she is still awake. 

Being able to zoom in on Daisy when she is dancing and playing in her cot. Or if she is coughing.

The talkback feature. The first time I used this Daisy almost fell over from being stood up. Now she is used to it and I like that I can reassure her that I am coming. This is particularly useful when she is unwell and I’m a few seconds away. I can tell her I am on my way as I walk to her. This means she doesn’t have to start crying and getting upset. She now understands that when I talk to her I’m nearby and I am comforting her.

The nightlight has been useful, although we have only used it a few times. Daisy is happy to sleep in the dark.

The night vision is fantastic. I could make out my husband’s face with ease and I can see Daisy in her cot, despite the video monitor being quite far away from her cot.

At this time of year the temperature in our bedroom can reach 31C, however I can’t do much about that. In the Winter this is going to be REALLY useful as I will know if Daisy needs another blanket, or an extra layer of clothes.

Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor - A look at the monitor in use

I know this is not a great photograph, however, I love that I can see Daisy and Daddy playing together at bedtime or nap time. Daisy and Daddy were playing a game in the mirrored furniture and having a great time!

Where can you buy the Summer Infant wide view 2.0 digital video monitor?

You can visit the Summer Infant website for various baby & toddler essentials. This video monitor retails for £129.99. Find it here.

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  1. The Reading Residence July 18, 2017 / 10:27 am

    This does look good, so much easier and better than disturbing her when you hear a noise.

    • katykicker July 18, 2017 / 12:44 pm

      Yeah, she is definitely sleeping better now and I’m getting more peace and quiet which is just fantastic!

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