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Swagbucks apps – Earn £20 a month

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a * and if you click one of these links I will earn a discount or receive payment.

There are a number of ways that you can Swagbucks. I have written about different ways to earn quick Swagbucks before here. If you are not already a member of Swagbucks you can signup *here. This will earn me a bonus of 10% on top of your earnings.

Today I am going to be covering how you can make an easy £15-20 per month. This is just for running applications on a mobile phone. I use an *Alcatel Pop C1 for this purpose and this cost me just £20. I used £10 Clubcard vouchers and doubled up to get this completely free.

The Android mobile that I use has access to the 6 Swagbucks apps. These are the amounts of Swagbucks that you can earn from each app.

Swagbucks Apps

SBTV – 36 Swagbucks daily

Lifestylz TV – 10 Swagbucks daily

EntertaiNow TV Mobile – 10 Swagbucks daily

Sportly TV – 10 Swagbucks daily – 10 Swagbucks daily

IndyMusic TV – 10 Swagbucks daily

Sometimes the apps allow you to run extra rounds for bonus Swagbucks. 

To earn the points on the apps you basically just download them, login, and start watching videos. The videos run on a rotation, automatically, although you may need to click on an X in the top corner of an advert. This doesn’t happen often and only takes a couple of seconds to resolve.

You can find details of the shortest videos here. Once you find the video you can drag sideways to add it to your favourites. Then you can just load up your app and click on favourites. Then you can start the video and it will automatically cycle through the same favourited videos over and over.

On top of the earnings directly from the Swagbucks apps there are also bonuses that you can earn. These bonuses are awarded for hitting daily targets. These are usually to earn 100 Swagbucks, or less, so they are mostly achieved just from running the mobile apps. Sometimes I top up with a search win, NOSO and Daily poll, which doesn’t take long.

7 Days in a row: 25 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

14 Days in a row: 100 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

21 Days in a row: 200 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

Full calendar month: 300 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

I personally receive about 700-750 in bonuses per month. This is another £4 roughly and over the year this adds up to £50 extra in my Paypal. The bonuses are awarded on the 5th of each month usually and are processed automatically.

The Swagbucks apps are very simple to run and it takes just seconds to switch between each one when one has finished. In total it takes maybe 3-4 hours to run between them, or less. I have the Pop C1 for just this purpose and charge it every 3-4 days.

With these Swagbucks apps, and the bonuses, I have made an extra £20 per month, at least. This is on top of the other Swagbucks that I earn. I cashout for Paypal these days but you could make even more if you cashed out for Amazon. If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

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Angela Webster

Monday 8th of June 2015

Thanks for writing this post Katie, I'm still trying to get my head around the apps and your guide has helped loads :-)