My new air purifier is helping me sleep better

I’ve got a number of health problems and as such I can struggle with my sleep at night. Being a parent to a three-year-old means I need my sleep. Really need it! I work from home full-time too. I can’t afford to be tired throughout the day as I have clients to complete work for and a home to run too. As I have a number of health problems my GP is always willing to prescribe sleeping pills, however, I thought I would try some alternative methods. I don’t want to spend my nights medicated in case my daughter needs me so I started with trying out an air purifier. I’ve now been using it for several years so decided to give this post a bit of an update!

Will an air purifier help with snoring? Will an air purifier help me sleep?

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7 tips for drying clothes in a flat

At the moment my husband and I live in a flat. We have lots of space, and even room for pets as well as space to store all the items for our unborn daughter. It works out well for us, for the most part, and we have lived here for 5 years now. There is hardly anything I dislike about living here, besides drying clothes in a flat!

Obviously, it is easy enough to use a washing line in your garden, if you have one. It is also easy to use a tumble drier if you have room for one. We personally have room for a tumble dryer but I like to try and cut back on the electric bill where possible.

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