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What can you cook in an air fryer? – UK air fryer recipes

I absolutely LOVE using my air fryer! Knowing what to cook in an air fryer, particular if you’re based in the UK, can be a little hard at times. A lot of the recipes I find have US measurements, or ingredients that aren’t widely used in the UK. This is why i started developing my …

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Airfryer parsnips recipe (honey glazed)

For me, a roast dinner is made all the more special by the addition of parsnips and other ‘special’ vegetables. I love to spend time making delicious dishes for my roast dinner. These airfryer parsnips, that are honey glazed, are a real treat and so well with just about any type of roast dinner! Scroll down …

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Airfryer hash browns

I love my airfryer. It really does make cooking just about anything so quick and simple! I’ve already got some really successful airfryer recipes, such as airfryer chips, air fryer roast potatoes and airfryer parsnips so I’ve been experimenting with more homemade recipes recently including these air fryer hash browns. These airfryer hash browns take …

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