Stupid things people say when you have allergies…

Dealing with allergies is never easy. Whether you have a single allergy, non-IGE or IGE, it is always difficult to adjust to the lifestyle changes required to keep safe. Often people without allergies won’t understand the difficulties faced when you, or your child, have an allergy. My own daughter Daisy has an allergy syndrome, called FPIES, which has changed the way we run our home and our life. At present Daisy cannot eat dairy, soy or chicken without a severe vomiting reaction, and has other problems including reflux and asthma. In addition to this, she has intolerances to strawberries and a few other foods. This means that we have to be super vigilant about what foods we feed her, where we eat and even what foods we keep out at home. Almost everything seems to be a potential allergen for Daisy and the simplest of tasks, like giving the cats treats, can become fraught with worry and anxiety about accidental allergen exposure.

Daisy Staying in hospital
Daisy in hospital after an FPIES reaction
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Global FPIES Day – The reality of living with FPIES

Our daughter Daisy was born on the 21st of March 2016. It was the happiest, and scariest, day of my life, as I had to have a c-section and Daisy was born, weighing 5lb 13oz at full term (38+4). My entire pregnancy had been difficult and when she was finally born safe I was so relieved. We went home, and started our life as a family of three. Then on April Fools Day, at just 11 days old, Daisy projectile vomited for the first time. We had a chuckle. She was just playing a prank on us after all – right?! Wrong. Daisy had FPIES and the beginning of a long battle was starting for us.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

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5 tips to save money on free-from food

I’ve got a guest post for you today from Michelle at Timeandpence. Michelle writes about making and saving money and having more time to spend with your family. You can find Michelle over on Facebook and Pinterest. Today Michelle’s post is designed to help you save money on free-from food. As I’ve got a daughter with lots of allergies myself I’m happy to pick up some tips too.

Save money on free-from food with Michelle from Timeandpence

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