Daisy is ten months old – another month has passed!

I say this time and time again I know but wow – another month! Daisy has already been here for almost a year and I can hardly believe it sometimes. My tiny baby has been replaced with a little tornado. She whirls through the day creating mess, and noise, displacing objects but reminding me how grateful I am to be alive! Daisy is ten months old and this is what she has been up to for the past month:

Daisy is ten months old

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Daisy is nine months old – where does the time go?

Daisy is nine months old! Another month has passed by and I can hardly believe it. Christmas is almost here now and we are super excited. I’ve already stopped working for the month and this post was scheduled a few days ago. Christmas is going to be fantastic this year, hopefully. Just to be able to have time together, as my husband has some days off work, is lovely. I love this monthly recap of what Daisy has been up to! Continue reading

Baby milestone blanket from KJS Designs UK

Regular readers of my blog will know that we had a baby in March 2016. Our lovely daughter, Daisy, is eight months old now. The time has just flown by and there always seems to be so much to do. We’ve got a lovely memory box, filled with various items that we have kept since Daisy was born. We also had a huge amount of clothes, from her first few weeks and months, that we didn’t want to part with. While some of these were really worn, I wanted to have something created from them. This is where the idea for a baby milestone blanket came from. The lovely Becky from KJS Designs UK got in touch and offered to create us a wonderful baby milestone blanket.

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Daisy is eight months old – already!

So I say it every single month! Where has the time gone?! Another month has passed by and Daisy is eight months old! I can hardly believe the little character that she is becoming. We had two holidays, six weeks apart, and the difference in her was just amazing!

I love being able to write down all the milestones, and lovely things we’ve done, over the months. These posts inspire me to have another wonderful month appreciating my family and being grateful for my life.

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Daisy is seven months old!

Daisy is seven months old – already! The year is just zooming by now and I cannot believe that we already have her Christmas presents. We are beginning to think about the family traditions that we will enjoy through the years and we have definitely settled into family life now.

Daisy is really thriving now. She has found her level with her height and weight, after being growth restricted, and it is a pleasure to spend everyday with her. Her reflux is much more controlled now and it is clear that she is feeling a lot happier.

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