Sprucing up my home with the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted the featured items in exchange for coverage. I’m a pretty big fan of cleaning and keeping my home tidy. I like to use microfibre clothes and re-use items as much as I can. Also, when washing Daisy’s clothes I want to use products that are going to be gentle on her very sensitive skin. For Daisy’s clothes I like to use a non-bio detergent, as this is best for her. I still need something that is going to remove the various stains of toddlerhood – food, pee and even poo. Nice. Today I want to share with you information about the Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies, and talk about how I’ve been using the Nimble Babies brand for a couple of years now. Also, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for gentler ways to clean then be sure to check out my quick way to clean a microwave – in just 2 minutes!

Big Bundle of Joy from Nimble Babies

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Keeping our family memories with TimeSpring (AD)

AD. Family memories are something that is really important to us. I’ve got an awful memory, so being able to look back, and see photographs to remind me of great times is fantastic. I find that looking at photographs really helps prompt my mind and lets me vividly recall things that wouldn’t come to mind otherwise. As well as keeping photographs and videos we love to also share those with other members of our family. Today I want to talk to you about TimeSpring, a FREE app, that helps you share memories with your loved ones, and also keep track of Birthdays and upcoming events.

TimeSpring app dashboard

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Do you need a Sangenic?

Last year my husband and I became the proud parents of our daughter Daisy. Daisy is now 17 months old so this means we have had 17 months of dealing with dirty nappies. Not just any dirty nappies. The dirty nappies of a baby with multiple allergies. We have been using a Sangenic for the entire 17 months and I thought I would answer some questions about it – like do you need a Sangenic?


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