Review: Colladeen Visage (AD)

AD. Since becoming a parent in 2016 I feel like my self-care has fallen by the wayside. I’ve gradually become better at self-care as a parent and trying to do more for myself. I was recently offered the chance to try Colladeen Visage, which is designed to help support normal collagen formation in the skin, and I decided I had nothing to lose really! This is my Colladeen Visage review.

Colladeen Visage

Colladeen Visage retails for £18.95 per 60 tablets, and you take two tablets daily with a meal. I have been taking my tablets at dinnertime, as I know I would forget at other times. You can buy Colladeen Visage here.

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Starting a new skincare routine (AD)

AD. My skin has been the bane of my life for years now. Firstly, I suffer from psoriasis. Since being pregnant with Daisy it has only affected my left foot (a large patch) and my elbows a little. Still, despite it being better than it has in years I’m still quite self conscious. It seems to flare up out of nowhere and before I know it people are asking ‘what is wrong with your foot?’ over and over. Anyway, I’ve tried a whole host of products for that, and I’m going to try something new in August! Meanwhile I’m more worried about the skin on my face – this is why I’m starting a new skincare routine.

Starting a new skincare routine

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