The bedroom of my dreams (AD)

AD. Later this year my husband and I are FINALLY due to move house. I can hardly wait now and each week I’m looking at our finances, getting excited about moving and thinking about our future home.  No longer will my husband and I be sharing our bedroom with Daisy. We’ve already moved Daisy to a new bed, ready for when she has her own bedroom, and we are just a few months away from having a new bedroom of our own. Today I’m thinking about the bedroom of my dreams and exactly how it would look.

The bedroom of my dreams

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How to create the ultimate seaside themed child’s bedroom (AD)

AD. The beauty of the seaside themed child’s bedroom lies in its versatility. While, initially, the seaside theme may seem like a restrictive one, there are number of ways you can interpret and re-imagine it. From lighter blue hues and striped walls, to white beach decking and stormy grey tones, there are a range of options to choose from. The seaside theme also owes its popularity to its timelessness. A seaside themed bedroom will never be off trend. So, assuming you’re convinced, how do you go about bringing the seaside to your own home?

How to create the ultimate seaside themed child’s bedroom

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