Advantages of using a blog post writing service

Building a successful blog requires high-quality, engaging content that convinces your audience to respond to your call to action.

Whether you’re looking to increase page views, attract clicks and shares, or drive conversions, you’re unlikely to meet your targets with poorly written posts.

Of course, there are other important elements to consider – blog niche, website design, performance, keyword ranking, social media engagement, marketing strategies, connections with other bloggers, backlinks, and so on.

However, none of that stuff really matters if your blog posts aren’t up to scratch and that’s why the cliché that ‘Content is King’ remains relevant to this day. 

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How to trademark a blog name in 2020 (with instructions)

Let me start by saying that this post is going to be based solely on my own personal opinion. I AM the owner of an approved trademark and I did not consult a trademark lawyer, or anybody else. Instead, I did my own research online and then I went ahead with it. This is my guide to trademark a blog name.

I’m not an expert, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I did receive approval for my trademark so presumably, I did something right!

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Aims for May 2020 – the results

May feels like it both sped by and dragged at the same time. I’m not really sure how! Another month safe at home has gone by. I had to attend the hospital for some tests and apart from that we have gone outside for a couple of small family walks and to get groceries. That’s it!

Hopefully this means I will have achieved my aims, as at the point of typing this it is as much of a surprise to you, as to me, mostly because I forgot to check back in with my goals this month! Here are my aims for May 2020 – the results!

Aims for May 2020 - the results
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