Review: Brio Ball Pounder (30519)

Daisy is really lucky! At just 2-years-old Daisy has more than 100 toys already to choose from. We are really grateful that she has lots of wonderful toys as it means that we can rotate regularly. Also, when we are finished we can either put toys up for our next baby, donate them to friends or family or gift them to our local charity shop to raise some much-needed funds. We’ve received the Brio Ball Pounder (30519) recently and I want to show you how much fun it is!

Brio Ball Pounder

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Review: BRIO My Home Town Hen House

We are a huge fan of wooden toys. Anything that is going to sustain the knocks and bangs from life with a toddler is a winner with me. Daisy is quite an energetic child, to put it politely, and she loves to give her toys a firm testing. Every day. Recently we were sent the BRIO My Home Town Hen House toy to play with.

BRIO My Home Town Hen House

Here you can see the BRIO My Home Town Hen House in its packaging still. It comes well packaged and is kept in perfect condition in the box.

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Review: BRIO Stacking Clown for infants and toddlers

We are a big fan of wooden toys in our home. For me, I find that wooden toys are fun, sustainable and best of all they can withstand the knocks that Daisy tends to give her toys. Today I want to share with you a review of the BRIO Stacking Clown that we have received recently.

BRIO Stacking Clown

Here you can see the BRIO Stacking Clown in the packaging. Nice simple packaging, and recyclable too. Woo!

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