Playing pretend with the Casdon Little Helpers toys range (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. Roleplay is an important part of childhood. It teaches our children about jobs that are a part of everyday life, such as cooking and cleaning, and it also allows them to have fun practicing things that they can see Mum and Dad doing around the home. For me, it is important that my daughter learns that housework, and chores, are shared by men and women. We are a modern household, with an unusual work dynamic, and as such as both have times where we do all of the chores, and times where we do none of them. Daisy has been playing with a range of Casdon products and loves them, and now we’ve got some new toys from the Little Helpers toys range to show you.

Casdon Little Henry Mop & Bucket

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Review: Casdon Self Service Supermarket (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. My daughter Daisy is just over 2. This means that she is rapidly becoming super interested in role play. Pouring cups of tea, feeding her teddies and playing shops are high on her agenda at the moment. When we received the Casdon Self Service Supermarket I knew that Daisy was going to absolutely LOVE it! I decided to put it together on a day when she wasn’t here, just because I had read it would take around 30 minutes to assemble. Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory – the Casdon Self Service Supermarket.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket finished product

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