Review: Centerparcs Waterside Lodge Elveden Forest

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you will know I love a trip to Centerparcs! My family and I visit at least twice a year, often more than this, and we love trying out a new lodge. Recently we enjoyed a Winter stay in a Centerparcs Waterside Lodge located in Elveden Forest. This is the nearest Centerparcs to our home and we tend to visit it pretty frequently. I’m going to share my honest review with you, talking about what I believe can be changed, and what we loved about our Centerparcs Waterside Lodge. If you’re reading this as you’ll be visiting Centerparcs soon then be sure to check out what to pack for Centerparcs!

The Centerparcs Waterside Lodge

Centerparcs Waterside Lodge Review

We stayed in the third lodge, on the right. This was number 94 and was named Sloop. All of the lodges have the same facilities and amenities but this one was the least overlooked in our opinion. When we were in the lodge we couldn’t see anyone, besides through one of the windows. When we were enjoying the deck area we also couldn’t see anyone until we stood near the gas barbeque.

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Enjoying an alternative weekend away with children (AD)

AD. Having a weekend away with children might be a phrase that fills you with a little bit of dread. Once you have children it feels like there are at least 150 items that are essentials. This continues on regardless of the age of your child and as they get older they have their own opinions on what the essentials are too. One way that you can cut down on the amount of stress a holiday brings is by enjoying a weekend away. If you book a weekend that is tailored to the needs of your children then they can be kept occupied and you can have a relaxing break away from home at the same time. I’m a real fan of a break at Centerparcs so these are a few suggestions for your next weekend away with children.

Weekend away with children
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Review: Santa’s Woodland Workshop at Centerparcs

My husband and I are big fans of visiting Centerparcs. We have taken part in a number of activities in the past but last year my favourite, hands down, was visiting Santa’s Woodland Workshop. Our daughter Daisy was just 7 months old when we visited and it was such a lovely time that we have booked to go back again this year. This is our review of Santa’s Woodland Workshop. If you’re reading this as you’ll be visiting Centerparcs soon then be sure to check out what to pack for Centerparcs!

Santa's Woodland Workshop

As you can see we were all excited to get inside! It was raining LOTS that day but it didn’t dampen our spirits or stop us from having fun.

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What to pack for Centerparcs – to save money

We love going to Centerparcs. We go at least twice a year. In the past year we’ve actually been 5 times. Going to Centerparcs gives us the perfect chance to spend time with our family and friends. We tend to go out of season, when the dates are cheapest, and this means that we get a really reasonable holiday. While saving money isn’t something that we need to do these days it really does make sense to try our best still. Today I want to share with you what to pack for Centerparcs – to save money! Knowing what to take to Centerparcs can help you save money and spend less time shopping and more time enjoying your holiday!

What to pack for centerparcs - On site wildlife

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Target archery at Centerparcs – Elveden Forest

My family are regular visitors to Centerparcs. We enjoy holidays there at least 2 or 3 times a year. The convenience of holidaying just 1 hour from home just cannot be beaten for us! This is partly thanks to matched betting. I’ve been able to book lots of lovely breaks recently. Also, my Mum is generous too and is taking us away again in just a few months. We have taken part in a number of awesome activities at Centerparcs over the last few years and we do something different each time. One such activity was this.. Target archery at Centerparcs! If you’re reading this as you’ll be visiting Centerparcs soon then be sure to check out what to pack for Centerparcs!

Target archery at Centerparcs

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