Review: Songmics Toy Storage Unit + Giveaway

Toys. They are just everywhere aren’t they when you have children?! Once upon a time I had all of Daisy’s toys rearranged in her playpen. It was great. I was able to clean it and rotate them really easy thanks to a storage box or two. Now Daisy wants easy access to her favourite toys, which is understandable as she is almost two! Recently Songmics, a leading seller from Amazon, got in touch and asked us if we would like to review one of their items. I had a little browse and this toy storage unit quickly jumped out at me! I’ve got it set up, and re-arranged Daisy’s toys, so I want to share some photos with you – and give one lucky reader the chance to win one themselves!

Songmics Toy Storage Unit

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Review: Snuggletime Winnie the Pooh Plush range from Posh Paws

Soft toys… they are the things that memories are made of right?! At least in this house. I personally don’t have any soft toys from my childhood, which makes me upset. I do however have some lovely soft toys from more recent periods in my life. When my daughter was born, my First Mother’s Day as a pregnant Mum and other lovely occasions. For my husband, he has quite a few soft toys and other items from his childhood, which is lovely. Recently Thomas came home from his parents and he was beaming, and carrying a Mr Bean toy from when he was growing up. This was so cute and we had a nice chat about different memories and soft toys we have had over the years. Our lovely daughter Daisy has recently received some new soft toys and I’m writing this post to show them off to you today.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

Daisy slept without a soft toy in the hospital but as soon as we were home she had supervised naps with a soft toy that I had been sleeping with. This helped Daisy to feel comforted and meant that she had my smell near her too.

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Review: BRIO Stacking Clown for infants and toddlers

We are a big fan of wooden toys in our home. For me, I find that wooden toys are fun, sustainable and best of all they can withstand the knocks that Daisy tends to give her toys. Today I want to share with you a review of the BRIO Stacking Clown that we have received recently.

BRIO Stacking Clown

Here you can see the BRIO Stacking Clown in the packaging. Nice simple packaging, and recyclable too. Woo!

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Review: Brio Classic Figure 8 Set (33028)

Toys are a huge part of my days at home with Daisy. I like our days to have a loose bit of structure to them. For example, after breakfast, we wash our hands together and then we play toys. Once Daisy has had her nap I let her free-play and use her own imagination to entertain herself. Also, we have some screen time then, which we don’t really restrict in our home. A part of the day that I absolutely love is being able to play toys with Daisy. We have a load of toys that we rotate. Toys like Duplo, puzzles and many others. I love to get one or two of these out when we sit and play together, to give Daisy different toys to play with. We’ve been sent the Brio Classic Figure 8 Set to test out and I want to show you what we thought of it.

Brio Classic Figure 8 Set - A look at the box contents

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Still time to grab a lovely Christmas present with Tesco Carousel toys

Christmas is almost upon us! I’m so excited. We have finished our food shop, grabbing lots of nice goodies and I’m really excited for the fun times ahead. My Mum is coming over on the day and we are looking forward to spending lots of time together. Our lovely daughter Daisy has received lots of nice toys and now we’ve got a few more great items for her to play with over the festive period thanks to Tesco. We have been sent a selection of goodies from the Tesco Carousel range to try out.

This Drive and Talk Police Car is available in-store and online from Tesco for £15, but is currently just £10 in the sale. It is aimed at ages 2+ which is ideal for Daisy. I’m not sure that Daisy understands that the remote control is driving the car but she is having great fun pressing the light on the top and activating the siren. Also, this has a little megaphone speaker on the control. You can speak and your voice comes out of the car. This is a really cute feature and we’ve had great fun playing with this together today!

Tesco Carousel toys

I love that these toys come with batteries already in, so there was no faffing around. Also, there was a pull tab to activate it so there was no chance of the batteries already being worn down. Another great feature of this toy was that there was just screw tabs underneath, no fiddly screws or cable ties to deal with.

Tesco Carousel

We also received this Police Breakout set. This usually sells for £35 but is down to just £22.50 in the sale! This is a great toy as it opens out to be played with and then it folds back down all nice and tidy again! For us, this means that Daisy won’t be able to lose all of the pieces, not straight away anyway! There are a LOT of stickers for this, but we were missing instructions so this has made it difficult to know what goes where. I have used the box to give me an idea but it isn’t 100% I don’t think.

You’ve still got time to grab a bargain from the Tesco Carousel range in-store or online.

The items featured in this post were provided for free by Tesco. All opinions are my own.