Review: Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo

Can a child ever really have too many toys? I often think that yes, they can. Then I will see something absolutely fun or interesting that I know Daisy will LOVE! Sesame Street is a program that my husband and I have grown up watching, and loving. Daisy is new to Sesame Street but this Tickle Me Elmo has been going down a storm with her! I’ve got an unboxing video today so that you can have a look at Tickle Me Elmo for yourself!

Here is a little look at Tickle Me Elmo out of the box:

Tickle Me Elmo

Now take a look at my Tickle Me Elmo unboxing video:


Now as you can see this comes well packaged, in a cardboard box. I had to use scissors to remove this as there were at least 4 or 5 tabs to cut. This was fine but you’ll definitely want to use scissors to avoid ripping Tickle Me Elmo.

When it comes to activating Tickle Me Elmo he was originally in demo mode. This was simple enough to move to the On position. Then I simply had to press Tickle Me Elmo’s hands, feet or belly to hear one of 20 sounds. Tickle Me Elmo talks and giggles and is great fun for little ones. I have had great fun playing with this and really enjoy the laughter. It is infectious and I love that Tickle Me Elmo shakes so much when he is giggling. This brings another fun element to this toy for little ones and my daughter has been loving it so far! You can buy him from Amazon. Elmo is designed for children aged 3+. My daughter is 20 months but loves playing with him.


We received Tickle Me Elmo for free in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own.

Review: PoundToy – A website that sells £1 toys

Christmas is fast approaching. You already know this don’t you?! Well I don’t know about you but I have a blinking HUGE family to get presents for. While I have been fortunate enough to get some goodies sent to me this year, that I have put up for Christmas, there always seems to be a few more people that I haven’t got presents for yet. Or one more stocking filler that I want to buy. I was offered the chance to review PoundToy recently – a website that sells toys for just £1!

PoundToy Review - Crafts

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Review: Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo

Our little Daisy is a great fan of Twirylwoos. Over the last 18 months we’ve had a few of the Twirlywoos toys, including Chickedy & Chick and Quacky Bird. Daisy loves the theme tune for the Twirylwoos and there isn’t one character that she doesn’t love. Now we have the Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo to test out – and I’m going to be gifting this to Daisy for Christmas. Today I want to show you a sneak peek and talk to you about the Twirlywoos Dad Dancer of the Year Competition.

Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo

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Review: JoJo Siwa Microphone and JoJo Bodacious Bow

Christmas is rapidly approaching. Every year we know it is coming and yet all of a sudden it is almost here and we need gift ideas. One thing that I think is often important when choosing the perfect gifts, especially for children, is product reviews. Today I have the JoJo Siwa Microphone and the JoJo Bodacious Bow to review and my niece Matilda, who is a JoJo fan, has kindly stepped in to help!

JoJo Siwa Microphone

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Personalised music player from Sing My Name

Daisy is 15 months old now and as such she is getting more interested in things around her. Toys are becoming more engaging and interesting to her. This is wonderful to watch and something that I spend hours everyday immersing myself in. I love to see Daisy learning, enjoying toys and playing too. I’m so grateful that we get to be home together everyday. We get to have lots of time to play together and I feel really fortunate that I’m home with her. Anyway, let me not ramble on all day! Today I want to talk to you about the new personalised music player from Sing My Name that we have been sent.

A look at the personalised music player from Sing My Name

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