Nominate your favourite little hero for a Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Award (AD – Gifted)

We received the featured toys in this post in exchange for coverage. Since becoming a parent myself I have become only too aware of the challenges that children can face every day. From rare illnesses to the ever-changing online platforms that children are exposed to our children are dealing with a lot. Today I want to share with you details of the Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards 2019, and how you can nominate your child or another child that you feel deserves special recognition for being a little hero.

Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Award

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Unboxing toys from the Hatchimals Pixies range (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted these toys in exchange for coverage. My daughter Daisy absolutely loves EVERYTHING sparkly. I’m not sure how it has happened but I have somehow raised a child who is basically the opposite of me. Daisy loves opening surprise eggs and from the day she was born glitter has just followed her around. I have resisted most requests to buy surprise eggs in the supermarket but I must admit that the Hatchimals look quite sweet. Recently we were gifted some toys from the new Hatchimals Pixies range. The first one Daisy basically punched open through the packaging but the second one I can be seen unboxing in a video near the end of this post. That’s right, me. I also like unboxing toys now…!

Hatchimals Pixies unboxing

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Review: Schleich Horse Club Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Daisy was introduced to Schleich toys a few months ago when we were on a day trip to a zoo. Daisy came home with a zebra, tiger and a few other lovely little animals and she loves them. We were then sent Schleich Pony Agility Training which Daisy absolutely loved. Now we have a new Schleich toy, that is designed to be used with the Pony Agility Training and other items from the Horse Club range.

Schleich Horse Club

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Review: Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter (33886) (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We are BIG fans of Brio toys in our home and are fortunate enough to have lots of them now. Brio toys are typically wooden, very well made and Daisy loves them. They are perfect for parents to play with little ones or for toddlers and bigger children to play independently. All of the pieces, including ones like this Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter, are designed to be used with the train sets and add another level of fun.

A look at the pilot inside the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

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Review: PJ Masks HQ Rocket (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. PJ Masks… Sometimes it feels like the PJ Masks theme song is the only piece of music that Alexa is allowed to play in our home. Ever since we bought Daisy a *Gekko PJ Mask to wear, £12 from Centerparcs, she has been a huge fan. Typically talking about or seeing PJ Masks on the TV leads to shouts of “Alexa, play PJ Masks!”, and not from me. Daisy loves being able to practice her dance moves and play with her PJ Masks toys too. Now we’ve got some new toys to add to the collection, with the addition of a *PJ Masks HQ Rocket and the set of *PJ Masks Moon Rovers.

PJ Masks HQ Rocket

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