Triple chocolate muffins are tasty, simple to make & fast too!

Who doesn’t love a nice chocolate muffin?! These triple chocolate muffins are very popular in our home. They are ideal for freezing which makes them even better! These triple chocolate muffins take just minutes to prepare and get cooking in the oven. Best of all they taste delicious – which is the main thing isn’t it!

My super simple and delicious triple chocolate muffins
These triple chocolate muffins are a real crowdpleaser!
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Super simple, cheap and delicious chocolate chip muffins

I absolutely love to bake for myself and my family. These chocolate chip muffins are simple, delicious and tasty! They can be mixed and in the oven in just a couple of minutes so I hope you enjoy making them! Scroll down now for the recipe for my chocolate chip muffins.

Delicious chocolate chip muffins

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