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Chocolate chip brioche rolls made in the Panasonic breadmaker on a cooling rack

Chocolate chip brioche rolls

Baking is such a great way to express gratitude to someone when being invited to their home. You can make most recipes MILES cheaper than shop bought and they usually taste a lot better fresh from the oven too! These chocolate chip brioche rolls are soft, fluffy, delicious and super tasty when freshly made. I …

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The finished millionaires shortbread in a black baking tray with one piece missing

Millionaires Shortbread

This weekend I decided to make a millionaires shortbread, as I have a few relatives visiting in the coming days. This was SUPER simple, but it was my first attempt, so it doesn’t look quite as perfect as I would like, still, lots of compliments were received so I must have done something right! Here …

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