The best wine to enjoy with chocolate eggs this Easter (AD)

AD. Being a parent means that I’m often busy, particularly on days like Easter. I’ve got a dairy-free chocolate egg for Daisy to enjoy but I’ve made no other preparations yet. We’ll be having a blow-out roast dinner and there will be all the preparations for that, as well as tidying up afterward. Because of this for Easter this year I want to share with you something a little different – the best wine to enjoy with chocolate eggs this Easter!

Easter is approaching! I’m really looking forward to a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend, as I’m actually going to be taking some days off work. I’m also looking forward to the Easter Sunday roast dinner, eating my body weight in chocolate and enjoying a nice glass or two of wine in the evening.

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Chocolate chip brioche rolls

I love to cook and bake. I may not be the most skilful, or most artistic, but I really enjoy it. There are some recipes that are ridiculously lengthy to make and can almost feel like a chore. Croissants, bread, chocolate chip brioche rolls, panettone and Christmas cake are just a few that spring to mind. I have a lovely Panasonic SD-2501 breadmaker that makes all of the above recipes a doddle. After a remark from my husband recently about chocolate chip brioche rolls I decided to make up a batch of dough. If you want to get started right away then scroll near the end of the post for my chocolate chip brioche rolls recipe card.

Chocolate chip brioche rolls in the Panasonic breadmaker

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Millionaires Shortbread

This weekend I decided to make a millionaires shortbread, as I have a few relatives visiting in the coming days. This was SUPER simple, but it was my first attempt, so it doesn’t look quite as perfect as I would like, still, lots of compliments were received so I must have done something right! Here is my recipe and the methods I used to make my millionaires shortbread.

The finished millionaires shortbread in a black baking tray with one piece missing
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