2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted all of the featured items in exchange for coverage. Our pets were really our babies before our daughter was born. We have cats, fish and a turtle. We also have a family dog, that we spend time with. I love to treat our pets, as I do the rest of our family, at Christmas time. Today I want to share with you a selection of the items that we will be gifting to our family pets, in my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets.

Our cat Izzy really is the Queen of all of our pets. Izzy is the first to be fed, even over her cat sister Jasmine. Izzy was diagnosed at birth with a heart defect, and we expected her to die a long time ago, but she keeps ticking over and living the lazy life. This shark pet bed, from Cool Stuff, is perfect for her. It has a large opening, giving her lots of room to climb inside, and it’s super soft inside. The bed within is removable, which is perfect for giving it a weekly refresh. You can even press this down flat if need be, to store it away. It says that this is hand wash only, but I’ve already washed it on a hand wash cycle in my machine and it has held up great! I love how easy this is to wipe over too.

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Christmas Gift Guides – #Blogmas Day 2

With Christmas right around the corner most people are now starting to think about buying Christmas presents. I have already wrote several Christmas gift guides myself, with some inspiration based on what I am giving this year. It has been great to look around for alternative presents this year.

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