Review: Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We have NO carpet in our home, and those God awful lino floors. This means that vacuuming is one of my most frequently undertaken chores. In the past, I have made a point of vacuuming whenever Daisy is at nursery because the noise used to really upset her. However, a couple of months ago Daisy was off nursery for a whole week and so I bit the bullet and tested the vacuum in front of her again. I was really pleased to see that she no longer cried and she actually wanted to join me with cleaning! Roll forward to this month and we were offered the chance to review the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner – which is really similar in design to my own Dyson ball vacuum.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleaning my mirrored furniture with the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We’ve got mirrored furniture. Not our best idea. When we first bought it I wanted it to give our room lots more space, and a lighter and airier feel. This worked out really well and I never regretted our choice. Until we had Daisy of course. Now the mirrored furniture in our bedroom is frequently covered with tiny fingerprints, mysterious splatters and other assorted toddler mess. I do still enjoy having the mirrored furniture, as it is so handy for looking around the room at night, checking on Daisy, making the room feel more spacious and improving the light too. Recently I was sent the Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner to review and I want to let you know my thoughts on it! Also, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for gentler ways to clean then be sure to check out my quick way to clean a microwave – in just 2 minutes!

Daewoo Window Vac 12W Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

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30 day declutter challenge

This month I’m doing something a little different for my readers… a declutter challenge! Fancy joining me? There is no fee to join in and I’ve even got a Facebook group to help with organisation and decluttering. Please do feel free to join as I’d love to chat with you more there! Also, if you’re a blogger you can share your cleaning, organisation and decluttering posts with others! Anyway, on to the declutter challenge! Eek!

30 day declutter challenge with Katykicker.

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