Getting Daisy ready for autumn with Kimi Dog (AD)

AD. Now we move house we’ve had the perfect opportunity to cull Daisy’s clothing in size 3-4 and start dressing her in some of her new 4-5 year clothing. We’ve been received some lovely clothing from a wholesale children’s clothing website – Kimi Dog. With our new house move, it took a few weeks for Daisy to get around to wearing everything but she was so excited to have new clothes to try on! We used the move as an opportunity to have a nice de-clutter and to make sure that everything we brought into our new house was something that we actually wanted. It has been great to have lots of fresh, new and colourful clothing waiting for Daisy when we get ready for the day each month.

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Keeping dry with the Dry Kids All In One (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted the featured item in exchange for coverage. Daisy and I visit my Mum, Daisy’s Grandma, on a frequent basis. At least once a week, often much more, Daisy and I are walking the 2-mile round trip up to Grandma’s house and back again. We love spending time with Grandma but one thing I don’t love is the unpredictable British weather! Daisy is usually tucked up nicely within her Joie Stroller but recently she has started to want to be more independent. This means that Daisy wants to walk more. While I don’t mind really, as she’s got a *backpack rein, I want her to be protected from the elements and to keep her clothes nice on our walk. This is where Dry Kids comes in to play, and the Dry Kids All In One which you can see here!

Dry Kids All In One

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