5 tips to save money on free-from food

I’ve got a guest post for you today from Michelle at Timeandpence. Michelle writes about making and saving money and having more time to spend with your family. You can find Michelle over on Facebook and Pinterest. Today Michelle’s post is designed to help you save money on free-from food. As I’ve got a daughter with lots of allergies myself I’m happy to pick up some tips too.

Save money on free-from food with Michelle from Timeandpence

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Dairy free fruit lollies with Nuby UK

My lovely little Daisy is allergic to dairy. While this is something that we hope she will grow out of at the moment she hasn’t. I don’t want her to miss out on some of the nicer things in life. Like ice cream. I decided to knock together some dairy free fruit lollies. These are super simple and I cheated a little! There is nothing wrong with that if it means my daughter gets something new to try. I’m not much of a Pinterest parent, even if I do try to be sometimes. 

Dairy free fruit lollies - A look at what I used

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