Daisy is 16 months old

Here we go again. Another blinking month has gone by in a flash. Unreal! Anyway, here I am, documenting what Daisy has been up to in the past month… When I finally sit down to write this I always find myself feeling a little stumped because I haven’t prepared and it is always late at night when I finally cobble this together. I love having these posts to look back on so here is what Daisy has been up to now she is 16 months old.

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy posing for the camera

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Daisy is 15 months old

Daisy is 15 months old. Wow. Another month flown by. I’m always saying that but I’m sure other parents know what I mean. The time seems to just zip by and as Daisy grows older it seems to be going faster and faster. We’ve had a pretty good month for a number of reasons. Daisy is finally well, almost, and we have had a great month together.

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy eating a Bovril sandwich during her first thunderstorm

Daisy was recently caught up in her first thunderstorm. Instead of being worried she was enjoying watching me and her Grandma shelter under an umbrella. Daisy carried on eating her sandwich and remained unfazed. It was cute!

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Daisy is 14 months old – another month has gone by!

My baby girl is already 14 months old! It feels like she is such a grown up already now. Life is whizzing by and I’m sure that each month goes faster and faster really. Daisy has been poorly this past month still, quite a lot, but that is just how it goes when you are small. A baby takes a long time to build up a strong immune system and illnesses along the way are to be expected.

Daisy is 14 months old - Daisy enjoying the ducks on holiday at Centerparcs

Daisy feeding the ducks on a holiday to Centerparcs a few weeks ago. We had great fun and Daisy enjoyed swimming every day too.

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Daisy is 13 months old

My little girl is already 13 months old. Every single month I just cannot believe that another month has passed us by. It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote one of these posts but really it is just one month. Mad! This last month has been filled with ups and downs for us, but we are here and that is the main thing! Daisy is 13 months old – where has the time gone?

Daisy is 13 months old - and covered in filth!

Look at my little messy girl! We’ve had lots of days where we have been sitting at home together, in our PJs, feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!!

I cannot believe it. I’m officially a Mum of a toddler! Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl! Daisy is one year old and it has just gone by so fast. The last year has been a whirlwind, physically and emotionally. Some days I haven’t been able to think straight from tiredness. Most days have had something amazing about them though and I’m so grateful Daisy is here. Life is feeling good and I’m getting back to my old self too now, whoever that is?! Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!

Daisy is one year old

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