Slow cooker cottage pie filling

I’m a real fan of using my slow cooker. During the day I can spend a few minutes loading it up and then when my husband gets home we have dinner ready. I love the convenience of the slow cooker and that we can eat our dinner, together, whenever we are ready. This means if our daughter is ill, or stays up later than expected, that our dinner is ruined. Today I want to share with you my slow cooker cottage pie filling. This takes just over 5 minutes to get in to the slow cooker.

Slow cooker cottage pie filling - a look at the cooked filling

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Slow cooker beef chilli

Slow cooker beef chilli is a real Winter warming dish and it is very straightforward to prepare. I am a huge fan of using my slow cooker, especially during Winter. I love being able to throw everything together and then at the end of the day, there is a lovely meal. By documenting my recipes I’ve been able to start being more consistent with the taste and thickness of sauces too! Anyway, this slow cooker beef chilli is a firm favourite in our home and here is a little sneak peek at the end result. If you want to get on with cooking this then skip near the end of this post for my slow cooker beef chilli recipe card.

Slow cooker beef chilli - A sneak peek at the end result

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