Keeping our family memories with TimeSpring (AD)

AD. Family memories are something that is really important to us. I’ve got an awful memory, so being able to look back, and see photographs to remind me of great times is fantastic. I find that looking at photographs really helps prompt my mind and lets me vividly recall things that wouldn’t come to mind otherwise. As well as keeping photographs and videos we love to also share those with other members of our family. Today I want to talk to you about TimeSpring, a FREE app, that helps you share memories with your loved ones, and also keep track of Birthdays and upcoming events.

TimeSpring app dashboard

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Why Daisy has the best grandparents ever (AD)

AD. Being a parent is rewarding. Challenging but rewarding. There is really no greater love in life than the one that you have for your own child, partner or member of your family. Grandparents know this better than anyone, as they’ve experienced this through two whole generations of family. Today I want to talk a little about grandparents, Daisy’s grandparents in particular, and why we think they are the coolest grandparents ever! I’ve also previously spoken about my first year as a parent.

Great grandparents

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Ultimate family games night with University Games & Staccups (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted the games featured in this blog post in exchange for coverage. We are a huge fan of playing games in our home. We love nothing more than getting together with friends, or spending an evening alone, playing games and having fun. In the past we would play a lot of online games, Xbox One for example, but times have really changed now. I recently tried a new game, called Staccups, with my friends at a blogging conference – and loved it. This definitely reignited my love for board games and playing games with my husband at night too instead of working all the time!

Board Games for family night

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