Find out why I don’t limit screen time

Screen time. The scourge of modern society. We’ve all seen the articles. Our children will grow up with small brains. They will be unsocialised. Our children will talk less than the previous generation. On and on the articles go. All sharing the studies and evidence that our children will basically become stunted by their addiction to tablets or screen time. Today I want to talk to you about why I don’t limit screen time and I rarely feel guilty about it!

Why I don't limit screen time

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Finding 5 minutes for me with the Thera-Pearl Eye Mask (AD)

AD. Lately, I have been stressed. This may be an understatement. I have become a bit of a troll. Shouting at my family, crashing around my home and generally feeling REALLY moody. My Mum had open heart surgery recently and is home recovering now. I’m really pleased that she’s home, and doing so well, but I’ve had a lot of emotions going on in February. One thing that I am trying to do more is give myself a break. I work hard, I’m kind, I’m a generous person and I’m a good Wife, Mother, and Daughter. Finding time for myself isn’t something that always comes easily to me. One thing I have noticed recently is I NEVER shut my eyes for 5 minutes during the day. I’ve been gifted a Thera-Pearl Eye Mask from Feel Good Contacts to help me find 5 minutes of calm during the day.

Thera-Pearl Eye Mask

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Finding me time as a parent – 7 ways I’m achieving it

Lets be real here. Finding time for yourself as a parent can be tough. Whether your child is a newborn or twenty they are probably still taking up much of your time. My own daughter is one and I’m always struggling to find the right balance. Between working from home, my husband working shifts, owning an allotment, having family nearby, having pets and Daisy too there is always lots to do. Add to that wanting to get out more, wanting to have a clean home and wanting to find time for date nights and we are pretty busy. Time is the one commodity, besides sleep, that parents seem to want so badly. It is possible to find time for yourself but often by sacrificing something else. Now I’ve made a list of little ways that I’m finding me time as a parent. I also wrote about my first year as a parent recently.

Finding me time as a parent

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