Free daily prize draws

I have wrote about a number of free daily prize draws. I have been a winner on several of these great websites now which has been a fantastic bonus for me. Today I am going to talk to you about some of the free daily prize draws that you could sign up to.

Ashleigh Moneysaver Prize Draw – The daily prize for this draw is £100. You can sign up in a number of ways and I have personally used Facebook. This means that I can stay logged in easily and see in just two clicks if I am a winner.

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Tips for entering competitions

My regular readers may well know that I am a huge fan of entering competitions. Today I am going to share with you tips for entering competitions in the hope that my readers can be lucky too.

Personally I like to ensure that I am entering competitions for items that I actually want to win. This may be something that I want for myself, or a relative. I have only had one prize arrive so far that I didn’t want, a signed movie poster, and this went to a friend who was very happy. I had entered the competition to win a DVD and didn’t realise that there was signed merchandise too. Obviously this wasn’t a bad thing – but I have no room for signed posters!

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