How to freeze blackberries – everything you need to know

My regular readers will know that we have an allotment. As such we have an excess of produce at particular times of the year. I’m really good at knowing how to freeze fresh herbs, making jams and making delicious goodies. However, there aren’t always enough hours in the day! This week I harvested 700g of blackberries – in just one visit to my allotment! Obviously, I am really pleased but I didn’t have time to use them up. This is how to freeze blackberries!

How to freeze blackberries - put the blackberries in a suitable container
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Dairy free blueberry muffins recipe

Lately, I have been really enjoying baking more. Finding great ways to add more nice snacks to our day, that are suitable for Daisy too, has been lovely. I’m really enjoying trying out new recipes and sharing them here of course. These dairy free blueberry muffins can be made using ‘normal’ ingredients (with dairy) or they can be made using my method. Which makes them dairy free. They are also free of soya and other things that Daisy can’t have too. They are a little paler looking than normal ones but they are really tasty. Hope you enjoy my blueberry muffins recipe! Scroll down near the end to see my dairy free blueberry muffins recipe.

Dairy free blueberry muffins recipe - The muffins once cooked

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