GlobalTestMarket – One of my favourite survey sites

GlobalTestMarket is a HUGE survey company for me and this is my GlobalTestMarket review. Their surveys are on a wide variety of topics and they are owned by the same company that runs My Survey surveys.

They have a wide variety of surveys on offer and they usually send me several emails every day. These emails do sometimes result in survey disqualifications. However, I only tend to complete surveys a couple of times a week now. I save all of my surveys in an email folder and then visit them altogether.

GlobalTestMarket - paid surveys

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Prolific Academic Update – Find out just how I’m getting on!

I first wrote about Prolific Academic back in February 2015. I have grown to love Prolific Academic and most of their studies are fantastic. If you want to sign up you can do so here. I thought it was about time I gave my readers a Prolific Academic update.

Prolific Academic update

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Croggles – Get paid to website

Croggles is a relatively new get paid to website that I heard about thanks to a friend a few months ago. I then promptly wrote a post over on The Money Shed that you can find here.

You may find yourself wondering what is a get paid to website? You can read more about them in a previous post of mine here.

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1st of the month cashouts – November 2015

It is no secret that I love cashing out on the 1st of the month! There are several websites that I complete surveys for that update by the 1st of the month. They then process cheques and get them sent out in the next 10 days or so.

I like to use the 1st of each month to go through my spreadsheet and check the balances on all of my websites. This helps me finish updating my spreadsheet for the last day of the previous month and post the details of my earnings over on The Money Shed. I really enjoy taking part in the moneymaking challenges there and I find that it is a great motivational tool for me.

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1st of the month cashouts – July 2015

I love 1st of the month cashouts! Every month, on the 1st, I will go through most of my websites and make any cashouts I’ve not done already. Some websites process surveys for the previous month on the 1st. In addition to this some websites only process cashouts on the 1st of the month.

For example, with NewVistaLive the cashout threshold is £50. Any month where you hit £50 you will receive a cashout the next month. This is processed on the 1st of month. This means that I know I have a £50 cheque coming this month, as I ended the month on £55+.

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