Get paid to post on a forum

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get paid to post on a forum? Well IT IS! For a limited time at least! Jon over at The Money Shed is looking to recruit new members. By joining up for free, or using your account if you already have one, you can get paid to post on a forum. You only need to hit 50 posts to receive £5 or 100 posts to receive £10.

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GlobalTestMarket – One of my favourite survey sites

GlobalTestMarket is a survey company that I love to use regularly. They are one of the most prolific survey websites for me. This is my GlobalTestMarket review where you can find out how much I make & how you can join for free.

GlobalTestMarket - paid surveys

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Prolific Academic Update – Find out just how I’m getting on!

I first wrote about Prolific Academic back in February 2015. I have grown to love Prolific Academic and most of their studies are fantastic. If you want to sign up you can do so here. I thought it was about time I gave my readers a Prolific Academic update.

Prolific Academic update

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1st of the month cashouts – November 2015

It is no secret that I love cashing out on the 1st of the month! There are several websites that I complete surveys for that update by the 1st of the month. They then process cheques and get them sent out in the next 10 days or so.

I like to use the 1st of each month to go through my spreadsheet and check the balances on all of my websites. This helps me finish updating my spreadsheet for the last day of the previous month and post the details of my earnings over on The Money Shed. I really enjoy taking part in the moneymaking challenges there and I find that it is a great motivational tool for me.

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September 2015 challenge final results

As of today I am calling it quits on the September challenge from The Money Shed. I have beat my £2,000 target and have actually come in at around £2160/£2000. I have a little more to come, that I’ll probably forget to add, but I’m very happy.

As I have been doing each week in September I am going to share with you where this weeks money has come from. I have GREAT survey demographics and I have not been working as hard as I should this week. Some of the money that I have received has come from referrals on website, so thank you to my lovely readers for that.

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