The #2poundchallenge with Zamcog and VoucherBox

Do you like saving money? Could you live on £2 per head per day? I thought that we could and I was right! Today I’m going to share with you how I got on for the #2poundchallenge. We took part last week for a day and I found it a little more difficult than I initially thought. While we often have days where we eat for £2 per head, or less, it is never enforced as such. If I want to buy some fancy ice cream, or have a glass of wine, I can. Our finances are good these days, so we can afford to be a little more generous with our shopping budget. This doesn’t mean that I want to just waste money, however, I’m happy to splash out from time to time. Anyway, see below to find out how we did with the  #2poundchallenge!

How out how we did with the #2poundchallenge

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My £100 grocery challenge results

Firstly, this post is VERY VERY late! I had it drafted but it turns out I forgot about it completely for more than a month. I’m going to reiterate, once again, that we didn’t run this challenge in October because we can’t afford food. We are fortunate that money isn’t tight these days. However, despite this I think that it is good to have an overhaul from time to time. Having a month where I really had to think about saving money, and cutting back, sees us in good stead for the months ahead. Anyway, here are =my £100 grocery challenge results!

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