Stupid things people say when you have allergies…

Dealing with allergies is never easy. Whether you have a single allergy, non-IGE or IGE, it is always difficult to adjust to the lifestyle changes required to keep safe. Often people without allergies won’t understand the difficulties faced when you, or your child, have an allergy. My own daughter Daisy has an allergy syndrome, called FPIES, which has changed the way we run our home and our life. At present Daisy cannot eat dairy, soy or chicken without a severe vomiting reaction, and has other problems including reflux and asthma. In addition to this, she has intolerances to strawberries and a few other foods. This means that we have to be super vigilant about what foods we feed her, where we eat and even what foods we keep out at home. Almost everything seems to be a potential allergen for Daisy and the simplest of tasks, like giving the cats treats, can become fraught with worry and anxiety about accidental allergen exposure.

Daisy Staying in hospital
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How to save money on contact lenses (AD)

AD. Contact lenses were the bane of my life for a while. My lovely husband, who has bad eyesight, and Keratoconus, has gone through stages with contact lenses. Sometimes he wants to wear them, and will sign up to buy monthly subscriptions through the opticians, and other times he says he can’t bear wearing them because he works 12 hour shifts and his eyes get dry. Today I want to share with you how to save money on contact lenses.

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What to expect: Wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor

When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2015 I started experiencing some new health problems. One of them was high blood pressure. At just 8 weeks pregnant I was put on bed rest for a considerable time and given medication too. Throughout my pregnancy, the high blood pressure persisted, despite me losing 2.5 stone during my pregnancy. I think it was possible a combination of stress and obviously the pressure on my body of growing a baby. After my daughter’s birth my blood pressure didn’t come down for a fair while! Anyway, fast forward to 2017 and I was trying to finally come off my blood pressure medication and start living life again! I had to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to show my GP what an accurate days reading of my blood pressure was. This monitoring may be referred to as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

What to Expect: 24 hour blood pressure monitor

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