How to join Pinecone Research

I am a lover of surveys, as my regular readers will know. One of the first questions that I had when starting out was ‘How to join Pinecone Research?’. I found a link that allowed me to sign up and I have been a member for years now. Please note that the PineCone Research links in this post will sometimes redirect to other survey panels when Pinecone aren’t taking on new members. Do check back regularly if you’re looking to join.  

*Pinecone Research surveys pay £3 each, £4 for long-standing members. I personally find that the surveys take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, on average. The surveys often lead to product trials and the same amount of money is paid for the follow-up studies. I’m not allowed to talk about the specific products that I have tested but I have had LOTS. Typically I find that I get at least 1 product trials per month. I have been a member for a number of years now and the surveys are nice and frequent.

Make money with Pinecone Research

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