I may never be an Insta-Mum

I have seen lots of talk lately of being an Insta-Mum. Presumably Insta-Mums are perfectly styled women, with homes that contain only white furnishings and never an item out of place. I’ll be honest. I would LOVE to be one of these women. Sometimes I am. Fleetingly. Most of the time my real life gets in the way. My own Instagram feed is a mixture of photographs of my daughter, products I’m reviewing for brands and recently the odd photograph of me – unkempt eyebrows and all!

I have been tagged by Sally from Who’s The Mummy? to share a photograph of me not being an Insta-Mum.

Here is a photo of me attempting to be an Insta-Mum, on my daughter’s first Birthday:


I’ve probably got too many chins to be an Insta-Mum anyway, but here is the real me:

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