£1 Boots meal deal

Want a £1 Boots meal deal? Thanks to the lovely people at Boots and O2 Priority Moments I’ve got this great deal to talk about today!

For just £1 you can pick up a Boots meal deal. The usual RRP is £3.29 (and that is the offer price!). There are literally hundreds of combinations to choose from.

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O2 Priority Moments

O2 is one of the UK’s largest network providers. Anyone who is a customer of O2 can download their free app O2 Priority Moments.

The O2 Priority Moments app is full of great offers, pre-sale tickets and more. If you are a customer of O2 you can often apply to buy tickets for big gigs and events 1-2 days before they go on general sale.

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Spare 5 update

I first wrote about Spare 5 back in December 2014 (you can read the post here). I made $70 for around 4 hours of work which was fantastic of course. I’m sharing with you today a Spare 5 update!

Since that post I have dipped in and out of using the Spare 5 app due to a lack of work each time I was checking. Recently I have noticed that more and more tasks have been available and thus I have been remembering to check the application at least daily, if not more.

Make money on the move with Spare 5. Read my Spare 5 update to find out how I'm getting on!

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Spare 5 App – Is it worth your spare 5 minutes? Yes – definitely!

I am always looking for new ways to maximise my income and I read about the Spare 5 app, for iOs and possibly other devices. This is a website that allows you to use your free time to complete tasks, in return for money.

The app is free to download, from the App store, and is very simple in appearance. The tasks are paid in dollars and cents. Payouts are made on a Friday, providing your balance was more than $1 for the preceding week.

Spare5 App - you could earn $$$ in your spare time

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