A step by step guide to making money from matched betting – and a giveaway!

Sponsored post. If you’re a regular here, or on almost any money making blog, you’ll have heard about matched betting. I know I’ve written about it lots myself now! I’m someone who has made a large sum of money from matched betting and hold £50,000 in premium bonds, plus extra savings, all from matched betting. I’m really grateful to be able to make money each month, with ease, but if you’re new to matched betting I remember that it can feel quite daunting! I’ve written a post before about the excuses people give me when they talk about why they aren’t matched betting. I get it, getting started, and knowing exactly what to do can feel a little bit daunting! Today I want to share with you two step-by-step guides that are going to help with making money from matched betting. Also, scroll down for a chance to win yourself a matched betting membership!

A step by step guide to making money from matched betting

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Review: Gift giving with My-Picture & a Giveaway too!

Brightening up my home with personal touches is something that I have really enjoyed in recent years. I have been slowing down in recent months, as we are going to be moving later this year. When My Picture got in touch, with an opportunity to work together, I decided to buy some gifts for relatives in our family, to let them know that we are thinking of them, and to hopefully brighten up their homes too.


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Review: Shake It Slim Starter Pack & Giveaway

In 2018 so far I’ve been working a little harder to lose weight. I haven’t lost a huge amount but I am 1/2 a stone lighter than I was at the start of the year. Better than nothing! This is despite not eating the best, and having a lot of stress recently leading me to eat naughty food and exercise less than I would like to. Recently I’ve been lacking in motivation to get started with healthier eating and exercise again. This is where Shake It Slim comes in! I have been using the Shake It Slim Starter Pack for the past week and want to share with you exactly how it has gone for me.

Shake It Slim Starter Pack

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Emax Design brush set competition

I am hosting an Emax design brush set competition!

This brush set is designed to help you apply your make up flawlessly and give you fantastic results. The coverage provided by these brushes is even and they are a great addition to any make up bag.

I am looking forward to getting back to feeling well after I have my baby and I have a set of these brushes. The brushes are surprisingly good quality, for the low price. Also, the brushes are simple to clean, strong and durable too.

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