Homemade oat biscuits – similar to Hobnobs!

I’m a bit of a lover of a sweet treat after tea. As my lovely husband and I are trying to lose weight these days we don’t have many treats at home now. Typically I think if we don’t have them we won’t eat them. Only on the rare occasions do I like to push the boat out and bake us a nice treat. Recently I made these delicious homemade oat biscuits. They take just 5 minutes to knock up and just 10 minutes in the oven – woohoo! This oat biscuits recipe is really simple and I hope you enjoy it!

Homemade oat biscuits
These are SO simple to make!
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Moroccan lamb burgers – ready in just 30 minutes!

We are BIG burger fans in our household. We’ve even been known to knock up such unhealthy concoctions as the burger pie! Recently I made Moroccan lamb burgers and they were absolutely delicious, so I’m going to share the recipe with you today! These are ready in under 30 minutes and a real crowd-pleaser! Scroll down to find the recipe card if you want to skip right to making them!

Moroccan lamb burgers

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Slow cooker chicken and prawn paella recipe

Getting up in the morning and planning dinner is a part of our normal family routine now. It is SO convenient to place a dish in the slow cooker and let it do its thing. Sometimes we don’t have time in the morning so I’ve been testing a range of quicker slow cooker dinners, that only take 2-3 hours. This slow cooker chicken and prawn paella is one such dish. It is ready in around 2.5 hours and tastes almost as good as a paella that has been slaved over for hours! If you’re looking for some inspiration for other slow cooker recipes then be sure to check out my Easy slow cooker recipes (UK recipes).

A look at the Slow cooker chicken and prawn paella when finished

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Slow cooker hunters chicken

We love a nice home cooked dinner, particularly one made in the slow cooker. The flavours have more time to develop and the meat is always soft, tender and delicious. A slow cooker is a really convenient way to have family meals ready and waiting to be served. Most dishes cook in 3-4 hours on high and 6-8 hours on low. There are lots of delicious meals that can withstand longer cooker times, such as slow cooker beef chilli, and this means you can set it before you begin work for the day. I personally don’t leave my slow cooker unattended usually but I work from home so it’s all good! Here is my recipe for slow cooker hunters chicken. I’ve tested it a few times, in a few ways, and this is my favourite way of cooking it. If you’re looking for some inspiration for other slow cooker recipes then be sure to check out my Easy slow cooker recipes (UK recipes).

Slow cooker hunters chicken with chips - A look at the finished dish

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