Living Arrows 25/53 – Daisy finds a love for soft toys again

I’m sure other parents would agree with me that your children just seem to grow up SO fast. Daisy is already 2, and a few months and I feel like she is changing every single day. Every week, on a Sunday, I have a clean and de-clutter of her toys, and I’m always surprised by the sheer amount of toys she no longer seems interested in. We’ve been quite strict with donating toys once she outgrows them but there are some items that I just can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of, as I hope that she will grow back into using them.

Living Arrows 25/53 - Daisy playing with Makka Pakka

We’ve got a toy hammock in our bedroom, where we store all of the lovely soft toys that Daisy receives as gift or chooses when we let her buy a gift for herself on a day trip or holiday. There are maybe 70-80 soft toys now and last week, each morning, when Daisy woke up I asked her if she wanted to choose a soft toy to play with. I was pleasantly surprised to see her choosing Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and Tickle Me Elmo. It was a nice start to our morning, lifting Daisy up and allowing her to feel involved with choosing a toy to play with for the morning.

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Living Arrows 24/53 – A trip to the beach at Tenby

Happy Monday! What a week we had last week. We went for a break to Bluestone in Wales and we had a trip to Tenby on Wednesday, which Daisy absolutely loved. As we all did really. It was the perfect weather, really pretty and Daisy was in a fantastic mood too. As soon as Daisy saw the beach she knew what it was, despite us not visiting often, and told me that she wanted to build a sandcastle. We set about finding a shop for Daisy, so we could buy her a bucket and spade, and a little part of me cringed at the price – but I knew that Daisy was going to have a great time and I could keep the bucket and spade for our next trip to the beach. This weeks Living Arrows post is here, Living Arrows 24/53, hope you enjoy having a little look at what we got up to!

Living Arrows 24/53 - Daisy on the beach at Tenby

As you can see Daisy couldn’t even wait for us to get on to the beach properly, or remove the tags from her bucket and spade.

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Living Arrows 22/53 – Playing with the Gobble Guppies

Happy Monday! I love a fresh week. It is a great opportunity to start the week off on a good footing and be productive. I always start my week with a big to-do list, and lots of plans for the week ahead to give us things to look forward to until Thomas’ next days off. This week is going to be a busy one, as we’re preparing for another holiday. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 22/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Daisy playing with her Gobble Gobble Guppies toy

Yesterday we spent the day at Grandma’s house. We visited my in-laws in the morning, Daisy’s Nanny & Grandad and two of her Aunties, plus Daisy got to play with a couple of her cousins. It was an absolutely lovely day and Daisy was thrilled to have a new toy to enjoy in the paddling pool.

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Living Arrows 21/53 – Off to visit Uncle Richard

Last week just flew by! I had made a plan to see my brother on Friday, then when Friday came I had got busy with other things, life, chores, boring things. So we made a plan to meet up on Saturday lunchtime, which made a nice change. Daisy and I went on the train, leaving Thomas at home so he could sleep before his night shifts, and Daisy and I had a lovely time. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 21/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 21/53

Daisy loves to see her Uncles and was excited to see Uncle Richard. We went for a lunch, in a pub by the river, and then we went to the park too. There were lots of park toys; swing, roundabout etc, but there was also a HUGE sandpit with lots of different toys. Daisy had great fun playing in this and it was really nice to be somewhere different for a change as we had travelled 20 minutes by train to meet up with my brother.

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Living Arrows 20/53 – Daisy showing off her personality

My little Daisy is a wonderful personality. On one hand, she is feisty, independent and head-strong. On the other hand, she is caring, kind, polite and considerate. At just 2 Daisy already helps me with chores, sometimes without prompting. Daisy is happy to put washing into the machine, puts her own dishes into the sink, and puts her rubbish into the bin. I don’t have to prompt her much to do this now, as it has just become a habit for her already. I’m really pleased, as I want her to be a responsible person as she grows up and I hope that I am teaching her skills for life. This weeks Living Arrows post, Living Arrows 20/53, is now live – hope you enjoy it!

Living Arrows 20/53 - Daisy playing in the washing machine

This was taken at 8am on Thursday, when I had just got Daisy ready to go to her Grandparent’s house for the day. Daisy has already messed up her hair, removed her socks and has mess all over her face. This really sums up her little personality. Daisy is being helpful, putting the socks into the washing machine, but is also looking at me with a cheeky expression – as she knows she shouldn’t be doing that!

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