Living Arrows 3/52 [2019]

Recently Daisy has been gradually able to reduce the number of allergens that she has. Obviously this is really exciting but it also leads to lots of tension at home. While Daisy isn’t trialling foods she has FPIES to and instead is trialling her less severe allergies, it is really worrying still. Still, recently she’s passed Xanthan Gum and now it seems like she may pass coconut too – which is very exciting. This means that Daisy can have lots of new foods – including a gingerbread man! This weeks living arrows 3/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 3/52 - Daisy eats a gingerbread man

As you can see Daisy was a little bit suspicious but was happy to try a gingerbread man! She was telling the people in the shop that she was going to have a gingerbread man and she was going to bite his head off!

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Living Arrows 2/52 [2019]

Happy Monday! I’m actually writing this just an hour before it publishes, as I’ve been a little lax this weekend. Daisy and I had a lovely weekend relaxing together and we got through a whole weekend of being alone together just fine. This weeks living arrows 2/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 2/52

Daisy is playing with a little bunch of artificial flowers that she found in the hall and she had so much fun. The flowers kept her entertained for absolutely ages and she had great fun separating them out. Daisy practised her colours, counting and also did lots of pretending to smell the flowers.

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Living Arrows 1/52 [2019]

Happy New Year! I hope the start of your year has been good so far. I’ve got off to a productive start, writing lots of content and getting ahead for the coming weeks. I always start the year like this and hope that I can continue forward with this! Anyway, this weeks living arrows 1/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 1/52 [2019] Daisy reaching out to me

In this photograph, Daisy was reaching her hand out because she wanted to take some photographs of me. I allowed this, as I love teaching her new things, and she proceeded to take a video of me with the camera slowly falling down towards the floor and me lunging out to catch it! Very comical! 

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