Living Arrows 22/52 – A cartoon for Daisy

Morning! Happy Monday. I’m sharing something a little different this week for Living Arrows 22/52. Also, side note, I can’t believe we are already 22 weeks into the year – wow!

I have a new iPad Pro and Procreate, and Daisy spotted me testing out somethings I was watching on YouTube. Daisy asked me if I could create a cartoon for her – so I had a go and created this:

A cartoon of Daisy Blue
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Living Arrows 22/52 [2019]

Happy Monday! I’ve just completed my first full week getting back on track with cleaning, chores, working and errands. It’s been great! Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and as Daisy is at Nursery from 7-7, Thomas and I are going out for lunch. Daisy and I had a weekend at home, which meant we had LOTS of hours to fill! We created her a new toy area on Friday and she has been loving that. Also, for the first time in 3 weeks I felt up to going out alone with Daisy so yesterday we headed off to the park. This weeks living arrows 22/52 post is now live!

Living Arows 22/52 - Daisy at the top of the slide

When we got to the park my Mum was waiting. I love this park, as it is a few minutes from home for us and also a short walk for my Mum. It is usually really quiet, probably because it isn’t particularly fun for bigger children. Daisy loves that it has a slide, and swings, and a little crooked roundabout, which is great. I love that there are lots of trees around so the area is well shaded and I don’t have to bake too much on the walk there.

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Living Arrows 22/52 – enjoying the everyday

It has already been a whole week since I got back from Manchester – wow! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. We’ve been busy with normal life but we’ve also had a few nice days out too. We went to Westfield and then we went to London for a theatre trip. My husband turned 30 this week and we went to see the Phantom of the Opera at a matinee and we had a nice afternoon tea too! It was lovely. I love sharing these weekly posts with you and my Living Arrows 22/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows is a linky from the lovely Donna from What The Redhead Said. Parents are invited to link up weekly and share photos of their children from the previous week. I love taking part and I’m looking forward to looking back at the end of the year.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows 22/52 – 2017

Living Arrows 22/52 - Daisy having a snooze on our way to Westfield

This sums up our week really. Bloody exhausting. Daisy is STILL feeling the effects of her chest infection. She has been coughing lots throughout the night. Also, she has been waking up to bring up the phlegm. Nice. 

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