Living Arrows 24/53 – A trip to the beach at Tenby

Happy Monday! What a week we had last week. We went for a break to Bluestone in Wales and we had a trip to Tenby on Wednesday, which Daisy absolutely loved. As we all did really. It was the perfect weather, really pretty and Daisy was in a fantastic mood too. As soon as Daisy saw the beach she knew what it was, despite us not visiting often, and told me that she wanted to build a sandcastle. We set about finding a shop for Daisy, so we could buy her a bucket and spade, and a little part of me cringed at the price – but I knew that Daisy was going to have a great time and I could keep the bucket and spade for our next trip to the beach. This weeks Living Arrows post is here, Living Arrows 24/53, hope you enjoy having a little look at what we got up to!

Living Arrows 24/53 - Daisy on the beach at Tenby

As you can see Daisy couldn’t even wait for us to get on to the beach properly, or remove the tags from her bucket and spade.

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