Living Arrows 3/53 (2018) – Daisy was under the weather

Happy Monday! I’m running a bit late today so apologies for that! Last week, on Monday night, Daisy became unwell. For 4 whole days and nights she was vomiting really frequently. Initially we thought that it was a bug, then it became clear that she was reacting to coconut. We’ve had issues with coconut in the past but now it seems like she cannot have coconut at all. This is a real shame as it means there are almost no yoghurts, and ice creams and similar things that she can have now. Also, for poor Daisy it means that even now, a week later, and 3 days after we elimininated the coconut she is still struggling. Anyway, another week has passed by and my Living Arrows 3/53 post is now live!

Living Arrows 3/53 - Daisy is playing on her sick day

As you can see Daisy is a little snotty here, but she is having great fun with Duplo. Daisy has the *Duplo Town Square building set and we played with it for almost 2 hours. I was building all the different areas and Daisy was undoing all my work. This was fine with me, as she was having great fun, but may get a little bit old in a few more weeks…!

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